Temples of Elemental Evil

1/19 Adventure Log
Adventure Log

Ahsatan Awakens in the Inn:

Ahsatan wakes up in the Inn and Ziggy is fast asleep. Ahsatan pulls her toes to wake her up. They go down and have some breakfast. Ziggy and Ahsatan go shopping! Ahsatan looking for a new hammer. She stops at Hammer Hour. She spits a very large order out. She shows the owner her Dwarven Axe and her hammer. While he’s getting together an offer for her, she runs out the front door.

They find a back alley and Ziggy and Ahsatan discuss the Axe. Ziggy tells her that it is worth almost as much as the shop she was going to trade it at. Also, it is magic.

Ziggy and Ahsatan head to the Hammer and Tongs to see Megrana about the axe and hammer. Ahsatan slashes a barrel this time. Meg is amazed by the axe. They test the glowing properties of the axe. It is HEAVILY enchanted. Ziggy is willing to give up her shop for the Axe. The masterwork war hammer is worth 400g. Ahsatan’s hammer is worth 20g. Ahsatan offers her 200g, ol’betsie, and a trip to Kundrakar for the Masterwork Hammer (named Nasderth). Meg accepts but holds the hammer until we collect her.

Corbin and Shaela bring word to Ahsatan and Ziggy. Ahsatan is really unnecessarily mean to them, Ziggy is kind of upset about that.

In the Grove:

Sean awakes to find the city is almost rioting against the druids. He sneaks out the side and packs up a cart to go shops. He begins showing the Textile guild his rugs. He gets an offer for the Dire Tiger rug for 40g. Sean asks 80g. 50g rebuttal from Tarquellan (textile guild council member, owner of flying carpet). Sean rejects, 60g he accepts. Fog-horn folds the rug.

The Centaur rug is next on the auction block. He finds the enchantment immediately. This rug was not centaur made. The Centaurs change direction and fires its arrows. Tarquellan is not a Dwarf fan. The rug was made by someone left handed. Tarquellan offers 70g, then insults Druids in general (Sean didn’t seem to mind). Sean points out how nice the animation of the rug is, and asks for 90g. The sale is agreed upon at 83g. Tarquellan moves on.

A Dragonborn with blue scaling sits in one of the chairs. He begins to wield the chair and recognizes it is made for Dwarves. 20g is offered. Sean rejects, and snobs it up. 25g is offered, and Sean rejects.

A rich human approaches with his caravan. Its the Lord Mayor of Coruvan. Sean asks for 250g. Mayor is not to pleased about that. He figures out who we are and is now more interested in talking to us as a party. 130g offered. Sean brings up the fact that they are enchanted. Sean tries to light them up but they won’t. Sean offers the torch to the mayor. He offers 140g for the chairs and we are expected at 7th bell in the keep tomorrow.

Rondolen sends a letter to Sean and Goodwin

Sean cashes the check for the chairs and heads back to the grove. All the druids are gone. Sean sends a messenger to the rest of the party.

On the way to the grove Ahsatan and Ziggy run into some adventurers. They are a mercenary company that was supposed crowd control, but their two best fighters got beat up at the black hound. Ahsatan agrees to meet the mercenaries at the Square Barrel tavern. Dagmar is the name of the mercenary (They also worship Kord).

Sean meets with Ziggy and Ahsatan at the grove. They head to the jail. Ziggy is really starting to not like Ahsatan. Ahsatan starts to cart jack Sean’s cart. The guards are all over the crime. Ahsatan pays off the cart driver for 3g. Guards hassle Ahsatan about the axe on her back.

Ahsatan runs right past the jail Rondolen and Cyronel are locked in. Wen the party arrives they are stripped of gear and magic items. Ahsatan argues the case for letting us out (its surprisingly compelling but we are in a jail and not a court room). One of the guard wants to touch the death grip. One of the guards tells Sean that there will be a surprise for him soon.

Ahsatan and Sean head for “Goodlord’s” house… Sean leads to a magic shop where they find Goodwin sitting on loaded, cocked crossbows. Goodwin thinks we are stupid. Goodwin believes that there are Vampires around. He mentions that the lycans as well. His table of crossbows go off. Another employee has found Kestroll. Bore pops out from under the floor, he’s going to help us.

1/12 Recap

h1. Shiaiouhan
The druids are getting close to being thrown out. He finds out about his sword (Sylvan Schimitar) and that the gauntlet belongs.

Cyronil Rondolen Shiaouhan
Cyronil Rondolen Shiaouhan

We run into Goodwin the Younger and he invites us to his shop in the morning.

We wander the docks. and Cyronil plays the lute.

A bunch of young’uns invite us in for a drink. Sean got high. We amaze the stoner kids. We are REALLY smashed. We tell our stories into the night.

Turns out they were vampires. We killed all of them but one which fled to the basement.

The very nice rug they had (which was damaged in fray but mended magically) is taken by Shiaiouhan.

We find out they came from Shadowfang Spire (which may be to the NW of Corovan).

They said we had done something to black blood, which was mentioned by Arcturus when we first met him.

We interrogate the vampire about the black blood. The Vampire told us it is a group of Vampires and Were-ppl

Told a guard. They were very suspicious and Cyronil and Rondolen ended up in jail.

Cyronil attempts to put the guards to sleep and we try to escape. most of the guards are asleep but 2 are WIDE awake and beat the crap out of us and put us back in Jail.

1/4/16 Recap
Rough Recap

Skinner Sweet – Sheriff of Corevan
Loves Peppermint sticks
Has the necromancer’s tatoo
Wants to have Ahsatan’s arm chopped off
asked about the ewer

Corbin and Shaela are being accepted into the druid fold
Little kid is in the cocoon of healing

Elhrohien – Cleric of Corellon Larthian
knows of the black knights who wield the evil swords – tangled with them in the past
removes the cursed sword from Ahsatan
Arm is still in bad shape

Ziggy receives armor from her mentor. The armor needs to be patched.

We decide to start a bar fight to raise money to fix the armor.
Rondolen and Cyro drum up business and take bets.
Orc (lady?) and orc guy take the challenge
Ahsatan and Ziggy won the brawl

Goodwin showed up as we leave the bar.

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